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Caribbean Studies
Catalan see also: Spanish
Catering see also: Dietetics, Hospitality management
Cell Biology see also: Microbiology
Cellular Pathology see also: Pathology
Celtic Studies see also: Irish studies, Scottish studies, Welsh studies
Ceramics see also: Three-dimensional design
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Physics
Childhood Studies
Chinese see also: Asian studies, Oriental studies
Church History see also: Religious studies
Civil Engineering see also: Engineering (general)
Classical Studies see also: Ancient history, Classics
Classics see also: Classical studies, Greek, Latin
Clinical Science
Cognitive Science see also: Psychology
Commerce see also: Business studies
Communication Engineering
Communication Studies see also: Media studies
Community Arts
Community Studies see also: Youth/community work
Comparative Literature
Complementary Therapies
Computational Mathematics
Computer Engineering see also: Computer technology
Computer Science see also: Computing
Computer Technology see also: Computer science
Computing see also: Computer science, Information technology
Conflict Studies see also: International relations, peace studies, war studies
Conservation see also: Archaeology, Biology, Ecology, Environmental studies
Construction see also: Building studies
Consumer Studies
Contemporary Decorative Arts/Crafts
Control Engineering
Costume Design see also: Theatre design
Countryside Management see also: Rural environment studies
Creative/Performance Writing
Criminal Justice see also: Law, criminology
Crop Science/Technology
Cultural Studies
Cybernetics see also: Computing, Control engineering

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Canterbury Christ Church University

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