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Abertay Dundee University

UCAS Code: A30

Location: Dundee, on east coast of Scotland Show on Map

Site: Main teaching centre in city, plus partner colleges

A modern university; a member of the million+ group of universities.

Student Population

Total Students:4,930
FE Students:0%


Total undergraduates:4,465
Full Time:95%
Mature on Entry:29%
UK Students:88%
State school entry:96%

Teaching Staff

240 full-time, 230 part-time.

Broad study areas

Business, contemporary sciences, social & health sciences, computing & engineering systems, arts, media & computer games.


Admission Information:All applicants considered on individual basis.
Points on Entry (Mean):276
Drop Out Rate:7%
Accommodation:Most first years housed who apply by the deadline.


Founded:1888 as Dundee Technical Institute; university status from 1994.
Site:City centre; all buildings within 5 minutes’ walk.
How to get there:Close to bus and rail stations and airport (flights from London, Birmingham and Belfast).
Special features:Good staff links with commerce and industry.

Student services & facilities

Student advice & services:Student counsellors; adviser for students with disabilities, and for international students; information on childcare; health and money advice. Chaplaincy centre for all faiths (full-time chaplain plus associate chaplains; Christian Union; room for Muslim prayers).
Amenities:New student centre.
Sporting facilities:Gym on campus; access to all city sporting facilities including swimming pools and astroturf pitches.
Accommodation:Most first year students who apply by deadline (1 September) are in university accommodation. Rooms in self-catering flats, rents for single rooms £65−£139 per week (£55 sharing); contracts 38 or 51 weeks. Privately-owned accommodation, rents £50-£95 pw.

Study opportunities & careers

Library & information services:Purpose-built library: 140,000 volumes, 500+ journals and periodicals, 700 study places. Information provision, £106 pa spent for each student (FTE). IT and library services converged. 1100+ PCs with access to library and internet (ratio 1:4 workstations to students), open 13 hours/day. IT support from helpdesk 9 hours/day. Module for all new students on using eg databases, spreadsheets, internet and wordprocessor; some evening and weekend classes also available on IT skills.
Other learning resources:Audio-visual laboratories; bibliographic and full text databases. Specialist collections: Faculty of Procurators’ legal collection.
Study abroad:Several courses have opportunity to study abroad in Europe through Erasmus.
Careers:Information, advice and placement service.


Living expenses budget:Minimum budget of £6250 pa recommended by university.
Term-time work:University does not discourage students from part-time work, as long as it does not affect their studies. Career development centre advertises local part-time work.
Financial help:Bursaries of £1500 pa for UK students from outside Scotland whose family income is up to £25k pa. Also scholarships of £1500 pa awarded for academic achievement or eg music or sport. £337,000 government funds. Scholarships for overseas students and elite athletes; fee waiver for part-time students on state benefits. Apply for help to Student Finance Adviser.
University tuition fees:Scottish and EU students pay no fees during their course; other UK students pay £7000 pa for first degree courses (subject to a maximum of £21,000). International students pay approx £9975 pa.


Academic features:

All courses have strong vocational bias; many have supervised work placements. Small class sizes.

Awarding body:

University of Abertay Dundee.

Main undergraduate awards:

BA, BSc, DipHE

Length of courses:

4 years (Hons), 3 years (ordinary degrees), 2 years (DipHE).

Main subjects offered:

  • Accountancy
  • Acoustic Engineering
  • Animation
  • Art
  • Audio
  • Behavioural Science
  • Biology
  • Biomedical Science
  • Biotechnology
  • Business Administration
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Technology
  • Computing
  • Consumer Studies
  • Counselling
  • Criminology
  • Economics
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Studies
  • European Business Studies
  • Finance
  • Food Science
  • Food Technology
  • Forensic Science
  • Health
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology
  • Interactive Games Production
  • International Business
  • Internet Technology
  • Law
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Media Studies
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Social Science
  • Sociology
  • Software Engineering
  • Sports Studies
  • Tourism
  • Visual Arts
  • Web Development/Design

Student view

Gav Herron, Student President (1st year, Computer arts)


What’s it like as a place to live? Dundee as a whole is a great place to live. It may not be as big or as flashy as larger cities but with two Universities it really is a student friendly place to live. A real hidden gem.

How’s the student accommodation? Accommodation is really quite good here, particularly at Abertay. I’ve had my room with them for 3 years and still stay there as Student President. Students have a varied choice of accommodation too, both Uni and privately owned that seems to cater for all tastes and budgets. Our Students Association always gives plenty of advice on finding the right place.

What’s the student population like? Abertay has a hugely diverse student population with representatives present from all over the globe; plenty locals and those across the country to as far as India, China and beyond…

How do students and locals get on? Like all cities there are areas that wouldn’t be recommended for students, but these are few and far between. There doesn’t really seem to be much interaction; we both on the whole co-exist quite happily.


What’s it like as a place to study? Abertay is a great place to study; famed for its computer based courses, often at the forefront of advances.  A very contemporary institution that constantly adapting to the ever changing face of the student body.

What are the teaching staff like? When I speak to my counterparts at other institutions some of them tell me what a struggle it is to get the universities support or attention but I have found that here, the staff try their best to think of students at every stage; my job is almost done for me! As with every Uni, there are some staff that you can’t help but fall asleep, but for the mainstay, the lecturers are engaging and have novel ways of getting their point across.


What are student societies like? At Abertay we have 16 Societies and 3 more on the way. We have just over 600 students registered as members of these societies and with around 4000 students, this is quite a good number.We have a wide variety of societies; from the law society and the Christian union to the circus society and Rock Society, we have something for most tastes but there’s always room for more, our Vice-president’s door is always open for students to suggest societies and hopefully start a few up.

What’s a typical night out?  There is a wide variety of things to do, Dundee has rock clubs, dance clubs, cinemas and an ice-rink, Abertay has all of these bar the ice-rink.

And how much does it cost? Depending where you go, it can be anything from £20 (Abertay) to upwards of £40 (Nightclubs)… but that’s entrance, drinks and a taxi home too.

How can you get home safely? I’m sure it’s the same everywhere else but, the taxi drivers know where the most fares are going to be and so, there are several points in town where there is normally a line of taxis.


Is it an expensive place to live? That’s a hard one to answer really, its different from student to student I guess. All depends on how much money they have, what bills are like, price of rent. As with everything there’s a mix.

Average price of a pint?  On average £2.

And the price of a takeaway? £5−£7.

What’s the part-time work situation? The university runs the JobShop which is used as a point of contact for local businesses wishing to employ workers. With 2 institutions in Dundee, employers see students as a hard-working, flexible, friendly source of workers. The downside is, with such a large pool of potential workers, there is no incentive to offer much more than minimum wage.


What’s the best feature about the place? Not too big, Not too small

And the worst? GIANT SEAGULLS!

Past Students

Maurice Malpas (footballer), Andy Nicol (rugby player), David Jones (Inventor of ‘Lemmings’), Stuart Wilson (golfer).

More info?

Ring UADSA on 01382 308307 or check website www.abertaystudents.com.



University of Abertay Dundee
Kydd Building
Bell Street


01382 308080





Student enquiries:

Student Recruitment Office



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